Does Kosher really matter? Did Yeshua declare all animals clean and fit for consumption? Did Peter eat pork? Did Paul say eat whatever animals you want as long as you pray? All of these will be addressed


Shalom Y’all, this week we talk about preparing a place for YHWH to dwell. We know that He dwells within us but we also look back at the instruction for His habitation to see examples of how His presence is in us and is manifest through us.


Shalom Y’all, this week we will be talking about the representations in Scripture concerning Silver, Gold, & Stone. We will see reflections of redemption, unity, idolatry, coldness to the things of YHWH and ultimately a new place of covenant!


Shalom Y’all, this week we start the book of Exodus, Sh’mot in Hebrew which means “names.” A persons name is synonymous with reputation or character. In this book we see YHWH revealing His heart and character to His people. He redeems them, brings them out of their oppression, takes them through the water to Himself where they receive His Word by His Ruach (Spirit) and learn to walk with Him as they go toward the promise. As we start this book we must ask ourselves how we will respond to the call to “follow me.” Will we respond like Moshe? Like Pharaoh? Like Israel? We have some things to examine here.  


Shalom Y'all, this podcast we talk about hope. Where does our hope lay? Are we hoping in the right thing? Is hope the same as faith?


Shalom Y’all, this week we talk about Chanukah and the importance of the events in relationship to Yeshua. If Chanukah never happened it could have had an impact on the life of Yeshua and, ultimately, it would affect you as well!

Shalom everyone, this week we cover the Haftarah for Vayera (Gen 18-22) and look at the connections between the 2 miracles performed through Elisha and the life of Avraham & Yitzchak. There may be more here than appears at first glance. (spoiler alert, there always is)

Shalom Y’all, this week we continue to talk about the Fall Moedim and their prophetic nature. Sukkot aka Tabernacles aka booths aka the weeding feast aka ingathering... what do all these have in common? Check it out!

Shalom Y’all, this week we talk about the Fall Moedim and their prophetic nature. We will specifically cover the time between Yom Teruah and Yom HaKippurim. There are ten days between these two dates, Should we be doing something in these days? What are the ten days for?

Shalom Y'all, this week is part 2 of the 4 part journey with the life of Yosef. We continue to find many prophetic pictures of Messiah Yeshua and the fulfillment of the promise Yah gave to Avraham. We look at dreams and interpretations, A rise to rulership & we will also continue to see how the life of Yosef reveals restoration for all Israel. Check out parsha miketz, at the end. 

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