Shalom Y'all, this week we start examining the life of Yosef in Parsha Vayeshev. We will find many prophetic pictures of Messiah Yeshua and the fulfillment of the promise Yah gave to Avraham. We will also start to see how the life of Yosef reveals restoration for all Israel. This is part 1 of 4 Check it out.

In this teaching we will look at introducing the 12 tribes of Israel and their importance/place in prophecy. We will also discover how this is relevant for our lives today. 

Chanukkah is coming! This is the feast of dedication, but what were the people dedicated to? Was there a standard of righteousness in the origin of this festival that we could learn from today? What were the people of Israel willing to fight for? Are we willing to stand for what we believe in? What exactly is it about this day that is controversial? Check it out. 

Shalom Y'all, this broadcast we will look at the life of Isaac as a foreshadow to Yeshua. Can we see the gospel in the Torah? Absolutely! Check it out. 

Shalom Y'all, Are we supposed to be teaching Torah? Did Yeshua & His Talmidim (disciples) teach Torah? What does this have to do with Covenant? Is there a connection of covenant between Yeshua & Abraham? Does have anything at all to do with the nations? A lot of questions to dive into, check it out. 

Shalom Y'all, Yeshua said that when the Son of Man returns it will be just like the days of Noach. In this episode we look a little deeper into that statement and other teachings from Yeshua that relate to the end of days. 

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Shalom Y'all, this week we talk about Yom Kippur and the need for not just repentance & forgiveness, but also atonement, cleansing, and casting. Check it out

What does the festival Yom Teruah have to do with fire? More than we may think. This is a very prophetic time to be waiting and watching while keeping the fire lit. Check it out. 

Eliyahu zeal & Discouragement

 Do you ever feel zealous about something amazing that Yah has done? Do you ever feel discouraged shortly after? In this program we will look and being zealous and experiencing discouragement and learning to live a life of balance. 

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